About me

I finished my education at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik at Saarbrücken. The main topics of my studies were complexity theory and algorithmic geometry. The title of my diploma thesis is "An Implementation of an Algorithm for Convex Hulls". There I got to know (and use ;-) various programming languages (C, C++, Pascal, Java, different assembler languages), especially on Sparc-Clusters under Solaris and SunOS.
Through my interest in networking and the internet I aquired a great knowledge in this, especially about Cisco routers, but also other manufacturers, and the used network protocols, procedures, and conventions. As an adminstrator I also know various programming languages (perl, bash, php, C, C++, java, etc.)
In my current position I am responsible as an internet expert for the network and system infrastructure. This starts at planning and building and spans security analysis as well as survaillance, maintainance, and documentation. Amongst other things I installed a comprehensive and proactive monitoring system and took responsibility for external connections (with Ripe, peering partners and BGP-configuration). Also the network structuring and the reliable operation belong to my duties. With this I gained much expirience in planning and building high capacity and failsafe networks and servers. Coordination with developers in various projects is part of my task as well.
Privately I work on the m68k-Port, iPaq, and ppc port of Linux, where I use a slightly modified Amiga 4000 and Apple iBook. I also wrote some device drivers for Linux and patches for FreeBSD. You'll find a resume of this below .

Curriculum Vitae

 Name: Jörg Dorchain
 Address: Harspergerflur 23
D-66740 Saarlouis
Phone: +49 6831 892656
 Year of Birth: 1971
 Family Status: married, 2 children
 Nationality: german, belgian

       German driving licence classes ABCE and car owner

 1977 - 1981 Primary School ''Im Alten Kloster'', Saarlouis
 1981 - 1990 Classical Secondary School ''Gymnasium Am Stadtgarten'', Saarlouis
 1990 - August 1996 Studies in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering as subsidiary subject at the ''Universität des Saarlandes'', Saarbrücken
 August 1994: Practical course at the IT-Deparment of the Ford Motor Company, Saarlouis
 May 2003: Cisco CCIE Preparation Lab at Dimension Data Learning Solutions, Brussels
 September 2005: PMI Project Management Professional(PMP) with Prof. Adrian Müller, Zweibrücken
 December 2005: ITIL Service Management at Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
 June 2006: Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2
 Languages: First Language German, Fluent English, Basic Knowlegde in French

Former Positions and Employers:

 October 1996 - April 1998 Systemadministrator at Möbel Walther AG, Gründau
 April 1998 - August 1999 System Developer and Consultant at MW-EDV & Electronic GmbH, Saarlouis
 November 1999 - November 2000 Network- and Systemadministrator at ILOS S.A., Grevenmacher

 November 2000 - February 2002 Network- and Systemadministrator at Europe Online Networks S.A., Betzdorf

 March 2002 - November 2003 Internet Expert at Europe Online Investments S.A., Betzdorf

 June 2004 - June 2005 System and Network Consultant at Resolution GmbH, Heusweiler

 July 2005 - June 2008 System and Network Developer, Internet Expert and Consultant at infeurope S.A., Luxembourg

 July 2008 - July 2012 ISHS Projects Change Coordinator at the European Commision, Luxembourg

 July 2012 - ongoing Senior Systems- and Networkengineer at Catella bank S.A., Luxembourg

Computer Related Knowledge:

Network Related Knowledge: